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There is nothing more beautiful or luxurious than candlelight. Our perfectly cured Soy wax candles are hand poured in Devon, All of our Candles are made using the finest oils and pure Soy Wax, all are double wicked offering a stronger scent throw, filling the room with beautiful aroma.

All candles come complete with a gold lid which helps to keep the candle free of any natural dust in the air as well as acting as a snuffer.

Top tip: Candles will burn the same each time as they did the first time. always allow the wet wax pool to reach all the way to the glass before extinguishing the flame on the first burn. This will stop the candle from 'tunneling' moving forward. Make sure you always trim the wick before every burn, excessive wick will result in your candle sooting.

 For a full description of our scents please visit our fragrance page.

This candle burns for between 25 -30 hours depending on the room temperature it is used in.