About Us


Founded in 2016 by Samantha Arthurs, founder and soul of Amelia Daniels.


Amelia Daniels was started in 2016 by Sam, with a passion for a beautifully scented home Sam left her long term career within the financial services to follow her dreams of turning her hobby into a business.

Now a family business which is continuing to grow against all the odds, Amelia Daniels has been built on hard work and dedication. A long the way Amelia Daniels has conquered anything that it has come up against and it's been a roller coaster of ups and downs but today Amelia Daniels is a business built on a foundation of quality reputation and is one of the leading producers of home fragrance in the South West.

With a vision of offering top quality products at a price that is affordable for all, Amelia Daniels operates a no fuss policy. Our products do not just look amazing but most importantly cannot be rivalled in scent performance. 

From the very beginning Amelia Daniels have been hand poured in Devon, each quality checked and using materials sourced from within the UK. Our formulas are both cruelty free and Vegan.