2020 Christmas Advent - Amelia Daniels

2020 Christmas Advent

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Our Wax Melt Advent Calender is back and this year we are making it extra special!

Last year our advent Calender never made it to live sale, we did our best in making as many as possible, in fact we quadrupled our make from the year before but still they all sold out on a pre-order basis and sadly some of our lovely customers missed out on the chance of getting one. So this year we are putting them out on pre-order much earlier in the hope that nobody is left disappointed not to have been able to get one.

So, what is making our 2020 Calender so special? This year our advent will host only our brand new 2020 scents as well as a preview to our 2021 scents!

Included will be 

x15 Extra Large Melts - 2020 new scents

x5 Extra Large Melts - 2021 new scents preview

x4 Extra Large Melts - Christmas scents

Please note that your new Advent Calender will not be dispatched until November!

The scents behind each door is as follows:

Day 1. Mead

Day 2. Italian Citrus

Day 3. Maori

Day 4. Forbidden 

Day 5.Cornish Coast

Day 6. Black Dragon Tea

Day 7. Dominica

Day 8. Eucalyptus & Juniper

Day 9. Mayfair

Day 10. Paradise

Day 11. Winters Garden

Day 12. Carrot Blossom & Fennel

Day 13. Cranberry & Pomegranate

Day 14. Bergamot & Basil

Day 15. Jade & Orange Tea

Day 16. Mandarin Twist

Day 17. Agava

Day 18. Earl Grey

Day 19. Autumn

Day 20. Country Cottage

Day 21. Fireside

Day 22. White Chocolate Cookies

Day 23. Cranberry, Orange & Cinnamon

Day 24. Christmas Spice